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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thing 7

I created a collaborative project in Edmodo called Artists @ SOMS. The objective is to describe the properties of water through observations made during practice of watercolor painting techniques. I plan to implement this project during the fall or spring semesters. I will use watercolor painting materials. Students will practice watercolor techniques such as wet into wet, wet into dry, scratching into paper, and painting with water. Conclusions will be compared and shared with science classes.

I just found an interesting page, Art Education 2.0 and joined several blogs regarding connecting classrooms, sharing art, working with disabilities, middle school art teachers, technology and art, and others.

I will be pairing with an art teacher in Belgium in the fall. Our 7th and 8th graders will be trading Artist Trading Cards and perhaps get to know each other a little better.

I discovered a new site for technology to create a "wild" version of oneself and learn about wild animals.

Spaced Learning: A Better Way To Remember

Spaced Learning: A Better Way To Remember

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thing 6

I used PollEverywhere and Wallwisher. I set up a poll that asks students to pick the correct style for Vincent Van Gogh. Wallwisher asks students to post comments regarding what makes them an artist. I see these tools encouraging participation because students must log onto the tool and contribute by adding a post (to Wallwisher) and selecting an answer to the question in PollEverywhere.

Art is For Everyone by Janine

Art is For Everyone by Janine

Thing 5

I used Storybird to create a description of an artist. This tool could be used in my classroom to create similar type books by students. Another assignment might be choose an artist and then write a story with the pictures to incorporate language arts with art. Elements and Principles of Design could be demonstrated by evaluating a series of images as to how each demonstrates each Element of Principle.

The Animoto video could be used to showcase student art throughout the year or for a particular assignment. Students might also use their own art to create a video.

Thing 4

I have not been successful in running Google Apps on my computer as it interfered with my Delicious toolbar. I use my Delicious bookmarks daily. I did create some documents when I took a workshop for Google Chrome. But I have found no real use for Google Apps in my classroom since I am an art teacher. I did create a Presentation with slides in Google Docs. I prefer Powerpoint, however. I also made a quiz in Google Form. I rarely give quizes of this nature but it could be created as a Google Form.
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Thing 3

1) I found You Tube videos to be most helpful. There are many videos showing art techniques, such as origami, drawing, painting, that I can project from my TV for greater visibility for students. Techer Tube usually has nothing that I can use. I did find an Arts Awareness video on School Tube that was interesting. Kids Tube offered a couple of illegible drawing lessons but nothing of substance.
2) I posted two videos. One on Sumi Painting and the other on Throwing a Pot. I discovered that if I right clicked on the video in You Tube, it allowed me to copy the html code.
3) I did not know that you could alter copyrighted information and still be able to use it. I found the video to be difficult to follow...too much activity. But I believe it was saying that if the value of the altered use of the information was less than the value for the author, then it could be used. Also, there is more freedom within education as long as the work was kept inside educational use walls.
4) I found Picasa to be fun and educational from the point of becoming more computer savy. It will be a good technology project if Picasa is loaded on the computers in the labs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thing 2

I have visited and commented on the following Blog sites and found them all to be interesting and educational. I am so glad to find these blogs. They will all help me to grow as an artist and a teacher.

I think it can be invigorating and a broadening experience to participate in blogs. We learn so much from each other. Sharing information is often better than taking a class.

I found that some people commented in thoughtful ways and others simply left brief comments of support or appreciation. Both are valid. I feel quite comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas. I think it is important to pay attention to the advice given in this blog to make regular contributions and to be polite and respectful.

I plan to visit the Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet: from the University of Florida. It has interesting ideas to stimulate creativity and other things.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thing 1

It took me almost an hour to get this far. I had to create two Avatars to get one that I could transfer to my blog page. I did not install Google Apps becaue it interfered with my Delicious bookmarks when I installed it on my school laptop. I had to take it off. I'm afraid to install it on my home computer for the same reason.