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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thing 2

I have visited and commented on the following Blog sites and found them all to be interesting and educational. I am so glad to find these blogs. They will all help me to grow as an artist and a teacher.

I think it can be invigorating and a broadening experience to participate in blogs. We learn so much from each other. Sharing information is often better than taking a class.

I found that some people commented in thoughtful ways and others simply left brief comments of support or appreciation. Both are valid. I feel quite comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas. I think it is important to pay attention to the advice given in this blog to make regular contributions and to be polite and respectful.

I plan to visit the Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet: from the University of Florida. It has interesting ideas to stimulate creativity and other things.

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  1. It was helpful to explore other sites and view comments. I agree that comments take on many forms. Right now I am one of those still trying to get comfortable writing thoughts and reflections when I am not looking at a person. Using the computer as a social networking tool is still very new to me. See you in August!!