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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thing 3

1) I found You Tube videos to be most helpful. There are many videos showing art techniques, such as origami, drawing, painting, that I can project from my TV for greater visibility for students. Techer Tube usually has nothing that I can use. I did find an Arts Awareness video on School Tube that was interesting. Kids Tube offered a couple of illegible drawing lessons but nothing of substance.
2) I posted two videos. One on Sumi Painting and the other on Throwing a Pot. I discovered that if I right clicked on the video in You Tube, it allowed me to copy the html code.
3) I did not know that you could alter copyrighted information and still be able to use it. I found the video to be difficult to follow...too much activity. But I believe it was saying that if the value of the altered use of the information was less than the value for the author, then it could be used. Also, there is more freedom within education as long as the work was kept inside educational use walls.
4) I found Picasa to be fun and educational from the point of becoming more computer savy. It will be a good technology project if Picasa is loaded on the computers in the labs.

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