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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thing 11

1. I found several great tools. Poll Everywhere, Wallwisher, Harmony Draw, Hyper History Online, Imagination Cubed, and Kerpoof. I plan to do a research project on my iPads. Kids will look up information on the web about a topic such as styles of art and post their findings on Wallwisher.
2. I can't say that my thinking about the learning that will take place in my classroom has changed. As an art teacher, I am expected to focus on a project based learning experience. I only have about 40 min. of working time per class with the new schedule this year. This doesn't allow for much deviation from completing art projects for all the contests and events that my kids are expected to enter. But I will be able to use more technology with the new iPads that I will be getting. I will use groups and give each group an iPad so that they can research, use Pol Everywhere, and Wallwisher. I will need to figure out how I can keep everyone in the group engaged since only one iPad will be used per group.
3. No unexpected outcomes really. I am pleased that I am communicating with an art teacher in New Zealand and another in Puerto Rico about exchanging student art work. This would not have happened if I had not learned of Art Education 2.0 and Swap Bot. I have learned a great deal but I will use technology differently from a core teacher because my needs and the needs of my kids and my TEKS are different. I still have parts that I wish to revisit and spend more time on such as learning Skype and Podcasts and I will do so after I learn how to use my iPad.


  1. So glad about your contacts across the globe! Wonder how the students could also connect with those students? ;-) Is there anyway students could use a drawing app to actually produce a piece of work as part of your curriculum?

  2. Once again your ARTISTIC INTERNATIONAL flair blesses our school and community. Janine your blog is AMAZING!!! It is an honor to work with you and call you a colleague and friend. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK AND ALWAYS SET YOUR GOALS FOR THE STARS!!!
    Chef Huff

  3. Wow Janine, I know this will be of so much use to your kiddos. Great work. Thanks for the inspiration