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Friday, July 1, 2011

Thing 9

1) I think that, for art, it is important to tie technology to an objective from time to time but not for every project. Art is very "hands on." Sometimes that means using technology and sometimes that means using art media.
2)Students should be held accountable for stations/centers because they must have a purpose for using them and they must be able to take care of the equipment.
3) I really enjoyed Learning Games for Kids and Thinkfinity. These could be used in stations to do research, visit museums, and create digital art. Time at the stations using these links could be monitored by having students find answers to questions pertaining to the activity and to reflect on their work in their journals.
4) I could not get any of the apps links to open but I will try again tomorrow. I am interested in several: Harmony Draw, HyperHistory Online, Imagination Cubed, and Kerpoof. I see students creating art timelines, designing digital art, and working with math concepts as related to art. I see stations where kids are making decisions together about how to solve problems and how to answer questions regarding the assignment. I can hold students accountable by monitoring the room, assigning journal reflections about the assignment, and saving work to the server when possible.
5) I will discover other ways to use the iPad as I learn how to use it. Right now, I can see kids looking for art demos when they have a questions about technique or to research a topic online. In stations, they can post on blogs with other students in other schools either in the US of other countries.

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  1. Yes, wouldn't it be cool for students to visit museums and find images of their favorites or ones that meet a certain criteria and put them together in a little movie or respond to some questions on a Google form. The links to the apps aren't going to "work" on your laptop. You actually have to download the app and try it out on the iPad. We need to add some of the museum apps on the approved list. Got any favorites?